A feel good boutique experience...

Private Shopping

At Wildflower Women we offer a personalized & private shopping experience. Whether you want to enjoy Wildflower Women all to yourself, with a small group of your friends or prefer a little help from one of or stylist, the store is all yours!

The appointment will encompass four phases.  First a consultation with a stylist where you will set your agenda (tell us how we can help, are you looking for one dress for an evening, that perfect pair of jeans, etc). Second we would like to know your concerns with sizing, how you see your body, what you like to accentuate and what you prefer to de-emphasize. Third, armed with your input the stylist will curate fashions that best fit your list (and maybe a few other items for you to try on) and finally the stylist will run through how best to wear the garments and hone in the proper fitting size (please forget your size as a number while experiencing this service, we ignore the numbers and the S M L XL and hope you can as well). This package along with Complimentary champagne & bottled water are waiting for you at Wildflower!