An Eclectic Blend of Timeless Fashions


About Wildflower Women

Meet Amber Lease, The Woman behind Wildflower, she is a fashion enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a dream seeker. A true mid-west girl at heart, she was born in small-town Minnesota and transplanted to California’s Central Coast as a young girl. Amber is also the mother of three beautiful and accomplished young boys and takes great pride in her family.  In her spare time she loves a good conversation, can’t say no to a girl’s night, is a sucker for champagne, and wholeheartedly believes in giving back to the community.

To express her creativity, along with a love for fashion and business, she opened Wildflower Women & Sandbox Kids Boutique in 2009.  Today what was once a vision for a business has become her reality as she continues to grow the brand throughout the Central Coast.

Amber has always had an eye for creating unique style – even as a young girl, her mother would often come home to find the house completely rearranged and/or redecorated. (That was if she wasn’t in her moms closet trying on dresses and shoes)  As a teen, Amber worked in the family retail chain and quickly connected to the world of retail and merchandising.  Each sales floor became her visual canvas where she began to tell stories with colors, textures and lifestyle.  She further developed her creativity in college through art and design courses.

After a brief stint with a corporate brand as a merchandiser, Amber was asked to return to the family business.  Soon she took on a new role as a buyer under the guidance of, none other than, her mother.  Learning to do the buying for the family stores,  spending countless hours in fashion showrooms and canvasing multiple trade shows opened her eyes to a world of products and styles that seemed endless.  The understanding of how to buy in a way that not only satisfies her taste but more importantly the taste, style and budget of the customer was the first step in the development of Wildflower.

The opportunity to see a vision from start (the buying) to the middle (merchandising) to the finish (the transaction with the customer) was the best gift my mother could have ever given me.


Amber’s eye for creating unique style is what guides Wildflower Women & Sandbox Kids. Her enthusiasm of fashion, merchandizing and styling is displayed throughout the stores.  Amber’s focus is bringing her customers elegant and timeless pieces for both Mother and Child. Her stores are like curated closets, with an open and friendly environment, where each customer is attended to individually. She also offers every customer complimentary bottled water and of course, champagne! Amber is all about making the experience fun, practical, and personal.

Wildflower Philosophy

  Where everyone should expect quality merchandise, the highest level of service and most importantly, kindness while shopping. Each customer should feel as if they are shopping their own giant closet!

Try it on, be playful, take a risk, you might just surprise yourself!