An Eclectic Blend of Timeless Fashions


About Wildflower Women

“Fashion plays a direct role in my life; it’s the paint to my canvas which allows me to tell my story each day,” celebrates Amber Lease, Founder/Proprietress of WILDFLOWER WOMEN AND SANDBOX KIDS, the multi-location lifestyle fashion destination in the Central Coast, as she articulates her fashion aesthetic and inspiration in establishing her fashion expression for women every day of the week.

For 11 years, WILDFLOWER WOMEN has been an iconic fashion gathering place where women from all walks of life; all locales; all ages; capture their lifestyle aesthetic through effortlessly modern fashion brands curated by Lease. It is her intention to identify colors and textures and fabrics and styles which celebrate a women’s place in society. That “place” could be in the boardroom; at home; on the ranch; in school; in whatever “marketplace” women live. WILDFLOWER WOMEN styles all phases and life segments with timeless and beautiful clothing. Lease encapsulates this approach, “I’m the designer that will continue to source the best items in the markets and style them in a way that speaks to lifestyle. So, in other words, I want all my WILDFLOWER WOMEN clients to know that I am sourcing or curating fashion just for them and this is an art!”

To describe the WILDFLOWER WOMEN brand one would say that romantic and contemporary define it, which makes sense in that Lease’s major fashion influence has been legendary designer, Ralph Lauren, who could make a K-Mart plaid cotton shirt look like it just came off the runway. He was the father of “style curation” and that parallels Lease’s style vision, “My vision is that your items from WILDFLOWER WOMEN are not just in your closet now but they are in your closet for years and you return to them season-after-season. Ralph Lauren has been my fashion inspiration hands down because he never stops. You can still wear the first piece of his collection and the last piece of his recent collection and everything in between and it still has fashion relevance. That’s my same intention with my WILDFLOWER WOMEN brand.”

Obviously, Lease’s style formula has worked in that 2020 marks the 11th Anniversary for WILDFLOWER WOMEN as it celebrates its ability to empower women to KNOW (not just feel) that they are special! This is a major accomplishment and even more meaningful these days when noted brick-and-mortar department stores are more commonly closing rather than expanding. WILDFLOWER WOMEN is not only flourishing but setting its sights for expansion in the very near future and this is due solely from a loyal brand clientele following who are addicted to the ambiance, the adventurous, playful, feminine, statement pieces that they can only find at WILDFLOWER WOMEN.