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Its Not What You Give its Why You Give

Its Not What You Give its Why You Give

Because the WILDFLOWER WOMAN AND SANDBOX KIDS brand defines femininity from infancy to womanhood, philanthropy is a reflexive response for it and an integral part of its fashion fabric.

Throughout the year, Amber, owner/founder/proprietress of WILDFLOWER WOMAN AND SANDBOX KIDS intentionally identifies and cultivates relationships with non-profits that are aligned with its social and personal life perspective – specifically, she hand-picks non-profits that uniquely make a difference in our diverse Central Coast community.

Amber believes one can say they embrace a certain lifestyle and espouse about it but one has to fully live it in order for it to mean something and her philanthropic generosity speaks for itself:

  1. ANGELS FOSTER CARE – This non-profit is dedicated to placing abused and neglected babies and toddlers in a safe environment post trauma; inclusive of implementing programs such as New Parent Screening, Foster Parent Training and Angel Support.
  2. ONE HOPE WINES – This Foundation raises awareness and provides funding for charitable organizations and social causes which provide life-changing community effects and change in the Central Coast.
  3. MISSION HOPE CANCER CENTER – Built on a vision of hope and healing, MISSION HOPE CANCER CENTER provides integrative cancer care, focusing on mind, body and spirit within the context of a warm and healing environment.
  4. HANCOCK COLLEGE CAREER CENTER – Here, students receive opportunities to enhance learning and become integrated into the creative, cultural, intellectual and economic vitality of the diverse Central Coast Community.
  5. DIGNITY HEALTH – A non-profit and public-benefit corporation founded in 1986 by The Sisters of Mercy, a religious order envisioning a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated and who are committed to God to serve, advocate and pray for those in-need around them. DIGNITY HEALTH provides state-of-the-art healthcare with this compassionate approach always at the forefront.
  6. Dream Makers San Luis Obispo – Dream Makers are San Luis Obispo community members and businesses who volunteer their energy, support, and talent to bring light and joy to terminally ill adults and their families by making dreams come true.
  7. Calm4kids – Calm envisions safe communities where every family is supported and every child thrives. Our mission is to prevent childhood trauma, heal children and families, and build resilient communities throughout Santa Barbara County.

WILDFLOWER WOMAND AND SANDBOX KIDS gives back to these caring, healing and life-altering non-profits along with many others throughout the year and invites its dedicated followers and loyal customers of its brand to jump in as well and give back to these unique non-profits or find one that celebrates who you are as philanthropy is an extension of each of us!