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How To Wear tone on Tone

Tone on tone on tone…if you know me at all you know I LOVE monochromatic!  Love, love, love!!  So, instead of us looking at it as some kind of  intimidating beast, let’s talk about how I find the ease in it!     Tone on tone can often be subtle ( or vibrant), chic, sophisticated and classically timeless.   I am a sucker for subtly with a pop of color in my accessories.  (hats, scarfs, belts and bags)  Picking pieces of the same hue will elevate even the most casual ensemble.   Basics!  Basics are a great place to start when putting together a tone on tone look.  A relatively simple outfit looks remarkably more sophisticated when every element is the same shade.  The key?  DO NOT OVER THINK IT.  The colors do not need be the exact tone…think of hues.  Like a box of crayons.


Yup,    “I’m takin’ it back to the old school,  ‘Cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool.  If you wanna get down, I’mma show you the way…Whoomp, there it is”.  Ok, ok I’m sorry…but seriously tone on tone gets me so excited!   I especially love this look during the fall and winter months when textures are in abundance.  Fleece, fur, chunky knits, corduroy, leathers, suede and I am sure you get my point.  The layering of textures help break up the color by creating an illusion on the eye.  This also helps blend the hues from one to another.   When in doubt add textures.  If you have not played around with a monochromatic outfit yet, (black does not count) start with soft earth tones.  Grey, beige, brown.  Once you have conquered the basics pallet, then allow yourself to explore further!

  • Here are a few helpful tips when putting your outfit together…
  • Pick slightly patterned or textured pieces, this will help break up the outfit if you want to keep it more subtle.
  • Experiment with textures and cuts to make the coziest of outfits look chic.
  • Don’t be afraid to slightly vary shades of the same color. In some cases, it can have an even bigger impact, drawing attention to different elements of the outfit.
  • Small touches like a pop of another bright tone in the form of accessories will lift your ensemble and draw attention to the bag, belt or scarf.

Here are some tone on tone palletes that I am in love with for this season.  Be creative, have fun and do not over think it.  Over all lesson here?  Let your confidence shine Ladies and you’ll be just fine!

I would love to see what you put together…be sure to tag #LOVEWFW to be featured on our social.

Red Palette

Soft Neutral Palette

Yellow Palette


Purple Palette

Other color ideas!

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What’s it like to Have a Stylist Appointment with Lauren?


Hi ladies, Lauren here! I’m writing to give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to book a stylist appointment with me! Although I am new to Wildflower Women, I am definitely not new to the fashion industry. I have been styling for 4 years and absolutely LOVE it. It makes me so happy to help people outfit their wardrobe with clothes that make them feel good, and look good!

I know putting outfits together isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it feels effortlessly easy to find an outfit that fits amazing and makes you feel the same. Other times it would be great to have help.

When you book an appointment with me, we will spend the first few minutes chatting about your style, if you just need to update your wardrobe for Fall, or if you need to find a few outfits for an upcoming trip, etc. Once we narrow down your needs, a few things can happen. One, I can start pulling items for you if you have very specific needs – ie, a casual outfit to wear out to dinner on a Saturday night to the Red Barn…OR if you need more of an wardrobe overall, we can walk the store together and I can start pulling items that I think will work for you and we can create outfits around your favorite pieces!

This service is for you, and I am so looking forward to working with you! Don’t forget, this service is complimentary, and can be in either the Los Olivos or Santa Maria location.

To book an appointment with me, simply email Stylist@wildflowerwomenboutique.com and we can find a time! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Welcome to the Wildflower Women Blog!



Welcome to the Wildflower Women Blog! Yes, you heard me right! This blog has been something I have wanted to incorporate as a part of our website for a while now, and with some new changes happening (see below)…here I am!

This woman? That’s me, Amber; the women who dreamt she could so she did.  That dream started out looking something similar to just this.  Me starring off in a distance, day dreaming about life and where it would take me.  The end result?  Well that’s what you see today in both Sandbox Kids & Wildflower Women.  Me, my passion, my style and my take on every day wearable items for us women on the go and the kiddos in our life.  If you ask my kiddos they still catch me staring off in my own world of dreams from time to time.

When I’m not focusing my attention on the stores,  I’m spending time with them.   Max, Wyatt and Ryder keep me on the go always…and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way!

As many of you know, I have had my hands full wearing many hats; property managing the mall in which our Santa Maria location is located, Marketing Director, Charity Director, Construction Coordinator, and, and, and! BUT…let me tell you a little secret! I am now at the stores full time!!!!  YUP…that’s right, no more focusing on 70 plus stores…just the two I created out of my own passion.  If you can’t tell I am SO EXCITED!  AND…I have more time for silly little moments with the two boys that bring me the most joy.  I have BIG plans coming your way and I cannot wait to share them with you. So join me, become part of my little family and lets enjoy what’s ahead together!