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How To Wear tone on Tone

Tone on tone on tone…if you know me at all you know I LOVE monochromatic!  Love, love, love!!  So, instead of us looking at it as some kind of  intimidating beast, let’s talk about how I find the ease in it!     Tone on tone can often be subtle ( or vibrant), chic, sophisticated and classically timeless.   I am a sucker for subtly with a pop of color in my accessories.  (hats, scarfs, belts and bags)  Picking pieces of the same hue will elevate even the most casual ensemble.   Basics!  Basics are a great place to start when putting together a tone on tone look.  A relatively simple outfit looks remarkably more sophisticated when every element is the same shade.  The key?  DO NOT OVER THINK IT.  The colors do not need be the exact tone…think of hues.  Like a box of crayons.


Yup,    “I’m takin’ it back to the old school,  ‘Cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool.  If you wanna get down, I’mma show you the way…Whoomp, there it is”.  Ok, ok I’m sorry…but seriously tone on tone gets me so excited!   I especially love this look during the fall and winter months when textures are in abundance.  Fleece, fur, chunky knits, corduroy, leathers, suede and I am sure you get my point.  The layering of textures help break up the color by creating an illusion on the eye.  This also helps blend the hues from one to another.   When in doubt add textures.  If you have not played around with a monochromatic outfit yet, (black does not count) start with soft earth tones.  Grey, beige, brown.  Once you have conquered the basics pallet, then allow yourself to explore further!

  • Here are a few helpful tips when putting your outfit together…
  • Pick slightly patterned or textured pieces, this will help break up the outfit if you want to keep it more subtle.
  • Experiment with textures and cuts to make the coziest of outfits look chic.
  • Don’t be afraid to slightly vary shades of the same color. In some cases, it can have an even bigger impact, drawing attention to different elements of the outfit.
  • Small touches like a pop of another bright tone in the form of accessories will lift your ensemble and draw attention to the bag, belt or scarf.

Here are some tone on tone palletes that I am in love with for this season.  Be creative, have fun and do not over think it.  Over all lesson here?  Let your confidence shine Ladies and you’ll be just fine!

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Red Palette

Soft Neutral Palette

Yellow Palette


Purple Palette

Other color ideas!

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